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Around the Globe

YFU is connected with a global network of more than 60 partner offices and organisations that support more than 4,000 exchange students annually.

YFU is comprised of a global network of more than 60 partner offices and organizations that support more than 4,000 exchange students annually. Each partner organization shares a common mission and vision for the future and is fully autonomous.

The confederation of YFU partners embrace their interdependence and work together through the International Secretariat. Under the auspices of a separate organization called YFU International Educational Services, the International Secretariat was established by the YFU community as a neutral organization to facilitate the operation and development of YFU organizations worldwide and strengthen the vitality and solidarity of the YFU network.

The YFU International Secretariat is an autonomous entity that:

  • monitors the implementation of YFU International Basic Standards in YFU national organizations worldwide
  • facilitates communications among YFU national organizations, including mediation between national organizations upon request
  • collects and processes worldwide data about YFU programs and participants
  • plans and coordinates YFU International Conferences
  • facilitates new country or new program development
  • builds international systems aimed at increasing the capacity of National Offices to produce higher quality programmatic results
  • develops processes and electronic structures for collecting and sharing tools, best practices and links
  • facilitates YFU partners in working together to improve delivery of YFU programs
  • implements and promotes tools enhancing international collaboration

YFU Partners Around the World

YFU organizations around the world subscribe to a set of basic operating and philosophic standards that embody YFU’s commitment to conducting high quality programs. The standards set the basic requirements that all YFU programs must meet. They balance universal and local requirements; they establish the areas of activity for YFU organizations and fundamental qualitative expectations, but remain sensitive to individual country perspectives, interests, needs, cultural considerations, degrees of economic feasibility and differing values. Visit to learn more about the more than 60 individual YFU country offices and partners.