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International Exchange Programs Alumni Chapters

YFU study abroad programs are more than intercultural exchange, it's a life changing opportunity. Discover more from our alumni.

YFU USA is building a network of local chapters led by volunteer alumni chairs throughout the country. These chapters create opportunities for alumni to gather together and offer a chance for reconnecting, professional networking, personal growth, and, of course, giving back to YFU. 


We bid a fond farewell to the previous Alumni Chapter Chair, Casey Wright. Casey has done an outstanding job providing the Bay area with engaging and diverse events and gatherings. Due to work commitments he no longer has the capacity to be our Chapter Chair, but we look forward to seeing his smiling face at future alumni activities.

Our area has over 650 YFU alumni! Let's be sure to keep this community going strong. We are currently seeking a core group of Alumni who would like to step forward and assist in communications, event management and vision for the Bay Area Chapter. 

If you'd be interested in getting more involved in the Chapter, please send an email to We want to see this chapter thrive in 2017, and we need YOU to make this possible. 

All the best,

YFU Bay Area Alumni

A core team has emerged for the Chicagoland area! Leadership opportunities are still available. If you'd be interested in getting more involved in the Chapter, please send an email to We want to see this chapter thrive in 2017, and we need YOU to make this possible. 

All the best,

Mark, Ashley and Kyle
YFU Chicago Area Alumni

Liane Soukup says howdy to all, and especially the Greater Houston YFU alumni!  Liane went to Sweden and Denmark in 1992 with a special summer program called YFU Sports Exchange and played tennis.  Even though she had traveled internationally prior, this experience traveling without her family and staying with host families significantly impacted her. Upon her return, she started an international club at her high school, which is still in existence today, and decided her college studies would include Corporate Communications and Public Affairs along with Cultural Anthropology.  While still in High School and College, Liane volunteered with YFU at homecomings, retreats and also interviewed candidates.  While in college, she studied and traveled extensively, incorporating England, Australia and Southeast Asia.  After college, she lived and worked in New Zealand and the Czech Republic before coming back to the US to get her M.Ed. in Higher Education. Since graduation, she has worked in Marketing and Sales in the Educational and Travel Management sectors as well as managing a scholarship for international students coming to the US for higher education. Liane recently married and is enjoying this special time with her new husband.  She enjoys volunteering, arts of all kinds, travel and cupcakes. Oh and she was born in Michigan but grew up in Houston….so she knows the city well!

Karen Saito traveled to Japan with YFU the summer of 1987.  Thus began her journey between the US and Japan for the rest of her life. Karen attended Kalamazoo College and spent her junior year living with a host family and studying Japanese at Waseda University in Tokyo. Her love of Japan led her back after college where she worked for three years and met her husband, Hiroshi.  Together they lived in Texas and Ohio, then finally settled in her hometown, Ann Arbor, with their 3 children.  For the past five years, Karen has been an active YFU volunteer. Her family has hosted 3 YFU exchange students from Denmark, Mali and Pakistan.  Karen has also been an area representative for eight students.  She works at the University of Michigan as a Senior IT Project Manager at the College of Engineering and spends her free time volunteering with YFU helping with orientations, taking students on tours of the UM Big House, attending her children’s soccer games, and taking their new puppy outside to play.  

Karen looks forward to meeting other Southeast Michigan YFU Alumni and spending time sharing stories! 

It was 1987 for Jim Meskauskas. Aside from a road trip at the age of 8, I’d never been outside of the United States. I’d never been on an airplane. I lived in the deep East Bay of northern California my whole life. I’d been in Catholic school for ten years. I had a small group of friends, and a huge family consisting of 4 sisters, 16 aunts and uncles, 21 first cousins. When my father came home from work on day and asked if I’d be interested in applying for a scholarship for an exchange student program that would send me overseas, I wasn’t sure how serious he was. “You’re studying French in school, aren’t you?,” he said. “Might as well.” So I applied. When asked to list three preferences for a possible host country, I listed nations where French was spoken, and I listed them in alphabetical order, rather than order of preference: Belgium, France, and Switzerland. Guess what? I got my first choice. It was the best misunderstanding of my life.  Looking at the world from another part of it led me to wanting to look at everything from an alternative station. I ended up at studying literature and philosophy UC Berkeley, doing jobs as disparate as working as an unskilled manual laborer in refineries in El Paso to being a line cook in a food court to starting a career in advertising, moving to NYC, starting three ad agencies, traveling to South America twice, and even studying literature and history at University of Oxford in my forties. All in the pursuit of seeing our world and the lives in it from an alternative perspective, a desire that may have burned dimly inside of me in 1987, but that was set aflame by my experience with YFU. Oh, and I’m married, have three cats, and cook excellent Thai food…

Hello everyone - I’m Nicole from Seattle.

My YFU experience was an unforgettable exchange to Japan during the summer of 2000. As soon as I got back, I began plotting my next world adventures and have been a student of travel and languages ever since! My exchange inspired me to complete a degree in International Studies at UW, after which I went to work for a local international corporation. In my free time, I like to make the most of the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest (all seasons!), enjoy all the local international cuisine and also volunteer with international students currently on exchange in our area. 

I’m really looking forward to connecting with other local YFU alumni to share our experiences and learn from one another!

Elizabeth (Beth) Lomas grew up in Michigan, the fifth child in a family of nine children. In high school she met YFU exchange students in her classes and decided to study abroad to have an international experience and to learn to speak another language. Beth lived with a French family in the Pyrenees for a year. After returning to the U.S. and completing her undergraduate studies in electrical engineering she moved to Maryland where she still lives just outside of Annapolis. Besides keeping up with her French, Beth swims with a Masters swim team, plays bridge, cooks, and spends time with friends and family walking, bike riding, and traveling. In 2014 Beth decided to start volunteering with YFU. She is an Area Rep, organized the 2016 Washington DC area study abroad interview day and has supported international student orientations.

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