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My YFU Family Is The Best Because...




MY YFU family is the best because, they took me in as a part of their family, they care as much for me as their own amazing kids. They wanna do EVERYTHING to make me feel welcome and happy.

When I go shopping with them for food and stuff they always ask me if there is anything special I want for my lunch. They are willing to buy stuff for me that none of them really eat, I think that’s amazing. I just think you gotta be something special if you’re willing to open your home and heart for a stranger from another country. Not a lot of people would take that chance. I’m so thankful that they did, cause they are simply the best family I could end up in. They are so amazing that I have a hard time saying why they are.

One of the things I will always remember about my host dad is his coupons. He has one for every where he goes. He love saving money, and he loves to give them to me and my siblings when we go out w/o him, too. He loves helping people and we are often late as a family when we go places because he is helping someone else with a door or a car or something like that.

My family is the best because, they are, helpful, caring, loving, happy, late, open, funny, adventurous, smiling, laid-back and just simply amazing!

- Cecilie from Denmark stayed with the Johnston Family in Milan, OH

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