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My YFU Family Is The Best Because...


My YFU Family is the BEST because…

They took me to so many places, but also they made this year unforgettable, amazing, and fun.  We visit so many places: Alligator Land, Universal Studios (still can’t believe that I did this free drop thing), St. Augustine and the beach in Florida, the Zoo, the Cahokia Mounts, the Arch and the Art Museum in St. Louis, the Big Been, the Mall and the John Hancock Observatory in Chicago.

One of the best weeks here was - of course - the YFU east coast trip (NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia), but only because my American sister, Sarah was with me. […]And I will never forget how we waltz on 5th Avenue, and switched our name tags which included our home country (we basically confused everyone; people tried talking in German to her and didn’t believe that I am not American, so they started talking in German).

My host family also made this year special, because they took me to Kings Island, Jungle Jim’s, Metamora, and on college visits, they taught me how to ride horses and told us many funny stories from their work (who trades their calculator for a candy bar, seriously?!). They had so much patience with my English, okay and probably a lot of fun too…My host sister used to write similar words down and draw pictures. They always helped me with school stuff. Since my host mom is a Math teacher, she basically could answer every of those stupid math question, and for my Personal Finance Class my host dad tried to explain the weird US tax system to me.

I enjoyed my time here and I am so happy and grateful that they convinced me to do swimming (maybe) and tennis, and supported me to do all those clubs, … okay except FFA (I realized all leaves look the same), but everything else (BPA, Model Legislature, FCCLA, Academic Team, Prom Committee) was a lot of fun. I am so happy that I could be a part of their family, and experience so much. America is different (weird) in many ways, but also the same. (Who gets first in the shower? … Grrr I am pretty sure my host brother takes 30 minutes showers, who calls shotgun first? … most the times I did not … Etc.) Anyway there are many reasons why this host family was the best for me and I probably could fill hundreds of pages with it.

-- Nina from Germany lived as a member of the Baumer family in Mooreland, IN

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