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YFU Blog - Recent stories about Youth for Understanding

Agni Skafidas - Volunteer & International Alumna - Iowa


Duties: Identifying host families, interviewing, supporting international students, orientations

Agni started volunteering shortly after her return to Germany more than 15 years ago and is involved in all aspects of YFU volunteering from identifying host families, to interviewing prospective American Students and host families, to supporting international students, to planning orientations.

What is your most memorable YFU volunteer moment?

There are so many, but I always love seeing the students and the families smile. Even if they were having a tougher year, it gave them so much. Some of the experience is only understood years after the exchange and that's what makes it so interesting.

What is your biggest challenge as a YFU volunteer?

Combining the two cultures (home/host country) and getting all parties to discuss the issues and actually understand the others

Why do you continue to volunteer with YFU?

Without my year in Kansas, I wouldn't be where I am now: Not in this job, not in this town. I wouldn't have my life continued the way it did. Why would I change that? It's part of who I am.

What do you like best about your involvement with YFU?

It allows me to connect to all levels in the community. It doesn't matter what your status, race or view on life is. I really like the diverse focus that YFU offers.

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