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YFU Blog - Recent stories about Youth for Understanding

Kelli and Joe Thompson - Volunteer & Host Parents - Tennessee


Duties: Orientations, chaperones and activities

Kelli and Joe Thompson decided to host for the first time in 2005. They hosted a boy from Kazakhstan named Alisher. At the YFU mid-year orientation, they found out about a boy from Korea, Hwan, that was in need of a new home, and within a week, Hwan joined their family.

Kelli and Joe became volunteers for YFU in 2006. Their willingness to host orientations at their home, not to mention their love of the students and the benefits of foreign exchange made them perfect candidates. Neither of them was new to volunteering, though. Both Kelli and Joe are on the board of directors for the Eskimo Escapades, which is an annual fundraiser to benefit people who have suffered injuries as a result of physical or mental disabilities. Kelli is Advocacy Chair and Board Member for the East Tennessee Arthritis Foundation, and was the Pro-Bono Attorney of the year for Baker Donelson, Knoxville in 2007.

Joe has become a YFU chaperone and driver of the van/carpool that allows Kentucky and Tennessee students to participate in YFU trips to Chicago, Cleveland, New York and Washington, DC.

YFU thanks Kelli and Joe for helping to build wonderful relationships with schools, families and students in the Kentucky/Tennessee field!

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