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YFU Blog - Recent stories about Youth for Understanding

Welcome to the New YFU!


As you may have noticed, we’ve made a few changes at YFU. We’ve revamped the YFU brand by launching a new website. We’re also introducing new marketing materials in a broader effort to appeal to a new generation of young people. And, we welcomed our new President and CEO, Michael E. Hill in June.But before we get into that, it’s important to note that our core mission remains true to our founding principles. Here’s a reminder of what those principles are:

1) YFU was founded, in many ways, to heal the wounds of a broken world. We welcomed our first students more than 62 years ago in the wake of World War II, wanting to provide for a group of young people from Germany a glimpse of a life without war and conflict. One need only look at the news media today to realize that “shrinking the globe” and bringing people closer together is as much a transformative experience today as it was in the early 1950s.

2) If we can continue to advance intercultural understanding among young people, our ability to tackle audacious goals in the future --- hunger, poverty, educational excellence, etc. --- gets much easier! These young YFU ambassadors will be better equipped to lead the way because they know that our similarities are far more important than our differences.

While our mission may seem timeless, what we need to do as an organization to remain relevant is not. That’s why we launched the new website and created new marketing materials. These are tools for our students, hosts, and volunteers to use to be advocates for YFU.

The new YFU website contains valuable resources and materials to discuss public diplomacy and opportunities with students and families so that they can become global citizens. In many ways, what we are doing with our refreshed brand and tools mirrors the transformation of the organization overall. In the coming months we look forward to sharing even more news about the ways that we are working to cement YFU’s future for years to come.

We are so grateful to all the host families, exchange students, and volunteers who have worked with YFU. We are also excited to bring in new people to help YFU continue to grow. With these three groups of people we will truly change the face of our world for years to come!