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Fun and Free Activities for Host Families


Our host parents come from a wide variety of economic backgrounds, but they are all able to have fun with their exchange students. With students arriving soon, we asked former host parents on Facebook and Twitter about activities that could fit any budget. Here are some of the fun, free activities they’ve enjoyed with their exchange students in the past. Enjoy!Take a hike! There are trails throughout the US ranging in both difficulty and scenery, so chances are there is one perfect for your family somewhere a short drive away. Go ahead, show off what a beautiful country we live in.

Have a picnic! Ditch the dining table and enjoy a change of scenery for one of your meals.  Just bring that food, along with a blanket and maybe a frisbee, to a nearby park. Just like that, your meal has been transformed into an activity the whole family can enjoy!

Bring out the board games! Maybe you’re not the outdoorsy type. Not to worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had in the comfort of your own home. Let your exchange student see your competitive side by playing a board game, or maybe some cards. Who knows, maybe your exchange student can introduce you to a new game.

 Get some culture! Lots of museums don’t charge admission or have select free days, so take your exchange student to one. What better way for them to understand our culture than by looking at our art?

So try these out, and if you have any ideas for fun, free activities, share them on our Facebook Page or Twitter account!