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YFU Family Goes for Gold at Triple Play Family Fitness Finale


This week, YFU exchange student, David (Joon-Youb) from South Korea, joins his host family, The Brodsky’s of Lake Orion, Michigan in representing the US Army Garrison -Detroit Arsenal Boys and Girls Club at the Triple Play Family Fitness Finale Competition in Los Angeles, California.The Brodsky's (a family of six) plus David were one of five families chosen from across the country to compete in this finale based on their participation over the past six weeks in the first two phases of the challenge, which encompassed the Mind, Body, and Soul concept that Triple Play represents. "Mind" being nutrition and eating right, "Body" being fitness and exercise, and "Soul" being focused on spending quality time together and strengthening the family bond.

The family will be competing in a physical fitness obstacle course, have their nutrition knowledge put to the test in a round of trivia, and perform a skit showcasing all they’ve learned throughout the course of the challenge. They'll even be meeting former Olympian and BGCA alum, Jackie Joyner Kersey and her family at the event!

Before heading off to compete in the finals, Fox News Detroit welcomed David and the Brodsky’s for a live on-air interview! Check it out.

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating them on this amazing opportunity to represent their community, the Army, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the YFU family. Good luck Team Brodsky!

David & Brodsky Family

David & Brodsky Family

Host parents, Teresa and Patrick Brodsky with their four young children, along with a family friend and their YFU son David.