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See The World Up Close

Embark on a journey not just of distance and geography, but of culture and self-transformation. Become part of a host family, learn a new langauge and test your confidence in new sitations. YFU is ready to help you learn more about scholarships, academic and service programs for a summer, semester or year abroad.

When you explore the path less taken and see the world up close you become a catalyst for positive global change.

YFU prepares young people for their responsibilities and opportunities in a changing, interdependent world. Educators, employers, parents and alumni all agree that the benefits of international exchange reach far beyond the year, semester or summer that a student spends abroad. YFU students return as young adults who are more independent, competent, confident, and possess a deeper understanding of their own family and country. They also discover that the YFU experience opens doors for many years to come, greatly enhancing educational and professional opportunities

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YFU Scholarships & Programs

YFU helps provide opportunities for students by working in partnership with governments, corporations, foundations, schools and educators worldwide. Through creating global learning opportunities, YFU is a catalyst for positive global change and tremendous personal growth. As such, we have been selected to administer more government and corporate scholarships than any other high school exchange organization.

YFU awards more than 250 scholarships each year high school students who want to study abroad in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. In addition to YFU's robust scholarship program we offer 100+ intercultural exchange programs to over 40 countries for high school students and gap year (young adult 18-26). In addition, YFU sponsors 1700+ international high school students to live in a local community with a host family and attend local families. Learn more about the YFU hosting program.

Explore the many yfu opportunities available to see the world up close

Experience a new place and discover new things about yourself; learn a new language, meet the unexpected, and conquer the unknown. Step off the beaten path and make the world your home. 

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For more information please join a live Virtual Information Nights with the Admissions Team or contact them directly at 1.800.TEENAGE (1.800.833.6243) or email

Youth For Understanding USA is proud to consistently receive Full Listing in all three J-1 CSIET listing categories: Inbound Long-term, Outbound Long-term and Short-term Inbound/Outbound programs. This achievement reflects YFU’s global commitment to quality and consistent application of CSIET standards throughout the international YFU network.