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Career Listings

The ideal candidate will provide technical guidance to the Chief of Staff relating to changes and developments of YFU’s IT systems and processes. In addition to possessing the technical knowledge to learn the back end of YFU’s IT systems, the IT Operations Manager can clearly and effectively communicate changes, issues, and outcomes to YFU stakeholder staff and customers. The IT Operations Manager has an overall understanding of YFU’s mission and organizational goals and makes decisions and recommendations to align the IT Department to those goals and budget considerations. The position can think strategically, but can also act with a direct hands-on-approach to resolve issues and interface professionally with customers.

Associate Director, Volunteer Engagement - Focus on Training/Resources

Jennifer McKendree

Department: Exchange Experience                                       

Job Classification:  Exempt

 Supervisor: Director, Support and Volunteer Engagement               

 Date: July 2019


 YFU advances intercultural understanding, life-long learning, global competencies, mutual respect, and social responsibility through transformational educational exchanges for generations of youth, families, and communities, supported by dedicated volunteers and professional staff.

 Participants’ experience abroad gives them leadership competencies necessary to meet the challenges and benefit from the opportunities of a fast-changing global community.

 Purpose of Position: 

 This role is responsible for developing and directing volunteer recruitment activities including recruitment benchmarks required in fulfilling YFU’s mission.  This position will manage national outreach volunteer communications and serve as liaison to the National Volunteer Council.  Teaming with the parallel associate director, this role will supervise the community engagement managers (EM) work in compliance, orientations, volunteer recruitment and engagement, and support.  Further this role ensures YFU USA staff are knowledgeable about volunteer programs, and trained to effectively manage volunteers in their respective YFU departmental areas.

 This role is responsible for developing and implementing volunteer trainings and resources to provide quality engagement and enrich the volunteer experience.  The position will ensure volunteer compliance with YFU and US Department of State requirements and standards. Teaming with the parallel associate director, this role will supervise the community engagement managers (EM) work in compliance, orientations, volunteer recruitment and engagement, and support.  Further this role ensures YFU USA staff are knowledgeable about volunteer programs, and trained to effectively manage volunteers in their respective YFU departmental areas.

 Core Competencies:

·      Leadership Ability--Successfully lead, motivate, delegate, empower and engage people.

·      Higher Order Thinking Skills - Ability to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create solutions while managing projects and participant cases.

·      Accountability/Locus of Control - Responsibility for one’s own success or failure.

·      Teamwork and Collaboration--Able to work independently as well as collaborate with teams.

·      Emotional Stability/Adaptability – Ability to function effectively even when faced with rejection or stressful situations. Sees each failure as one step closer to success. Learns from failures and doesn’t take it personally.

·      Emotional Intelligence – Ability to empathize and understand the emotions and motivations that underlie human behavior, i.e., ‘reading people’ well.

·      Organization/Time Management - Effective prioritization.

·      General Cognitive Ability – Ability to interpret information quickly and accurately

·      Communication (oral and written) - Ability to articulate well and be easily understood.

 Essential Functions:

1.     Collaborate with the Volunteer Engagement Associate Director for uniform oversight of EM team and sound knowledge/cross-training of Volunteer Engagement responsibilities.

2.     Be versed in the YFU International Basic Standards (IBS) and Golden Guidelines, as well as US Department of State J1 Exchange Visitor regulations relating to secondary school exchanges.

3.     CEM Management:

·      Collaborate to supervise half of community engagement manager team and provide oversight and direction for EM responsibilities in student/host family/natural parent orientations and activities; volunteer recruitment and engagement; on-program support; and compliance across all areas.   Oversee and mentor EMs to:

o   plan and execute a volunteer recruitment plan and track regular metrics on outreach/results to demonstrate progress. Hold team members accountable for reasonable recruitment standards.

o   develop engaged, trained, resilient volunteer teams in the field.

o   plan and lead with volunteers the YFU required orientations for all stakeholders across the experience..

o   serve as key resource to ensure strong support by AR teams for students/host families;  advise and mediate to address and resolve issues, and escalate to Support team as needed.

 4.    Volunteer Engagement Training/Resources

a.     Develop, revise, and maintain volunteer assignment descriptions.

b.    Maintain updated Volunteer Agreement, Code of Conduct, and Confidentiality materials and that both YFU USA and volunteers remain compliant with all relevant terms.

c.     In collaboration with Education and Training, develop training and outreach materials to effectively conduct volunteer orientations, trainings, and other programs such as Community Trainers.

d.    In close cooperation with Education and Training, Quality Assurance, and IT, develop and oversee a training accountability system to document and track volunteers’ compliance with YFU and US Department of State standards for volunteer recruitment, intake, orientation, training, assignments and on-going training with annual requirements.

e.     Maintain Volunteer Lounge with updated materials including volunteer position descriptions, handbooks, and other relevant documents for volunteer engagement.

f.      Foster a culture of personal growth, empowerment, engagement, and job satisfaction for all YFU USA volunteers to include timely evaluations.

g.     Lead YFU effort on volunteer recognition and appreciation initiatives

h.     Serve as YFU USA lead point of contact to manage relationship with BELO Travel providing trips for YFU students and to include volunteer chaperones.  

i.      Serve on YFU team to plan and carry out YFU volunteer conferences as supported by overall budget.

j.      As required, collaborate on YFU USA national initiatives, advisory groups, committees and meetings, offering constructive advice for improvements for the benefit of all.

 Marginal Functions:

·      Participate in ad-hoc teams as appropriate

·      Supervise interns and temporary staff

·      Participate in summer exchange student placement cycle as directed.

·      Other duties as assigned

 Qualifications and Knowledge:

·               Undergraduate degree in relevant field with five years’ experience in training and materials development with volunteer based management experience preferred.  Relevant graduate degree preferred.

·               Demonstrated ability to manage and supervise personnel.

·               Demonstrated networking and interpersonal skills and teamwork orientation.

·               Excellent oral and written communication skills including demonstrated writing ability. Public speaking experience helpful.  Excellent phone etiquette and communication style to communicate effectively with potential candidates in a professional, knowledgeable, and engaging manner. 

·               A self-starter with initiative; creative thinker.

·               Demonstrated ability to initiate, manage, and follow-through on projects; strong organizational and administrative skills.  Must be able to work independently and as part of a team; and with all levels of staff and volunteers.

·               Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.

·               Ability to travel as required.

·               Ability to work beyond a standard business day and accommodate urgent communications across varied time zones.

·               Computer proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel.

·               Ability to learn about, commit to, and educate others on YFU’s mission and goals. 

·               Must be reliable; dependable, flexible; and results and goal oriented.


Applicants must be eligible for employment and able to pass a pre-employment background check. If you are qualified and interested in being considered for this position, please submit your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements at the career site.