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Career Listings

The ideal candidate will provide technical guidance to the Chief of Staff relating to changes and developments of YFU’s IT systems and processes. In addition to possessing the technical knowledge to learn the back end of YFU’s IT systems, the IT Operations Manager can clearly and effectively communicate changes, issues, and outcomes to YFU stakeholder staff and customers. The IT Operations Manager has an overall understanding of YFU’s mission and organizational goals and makes decisions and recommendations to align the IT Department to those goals and budget considerations. The position can think strategically, but can also act with a direct hands-on-approach to resolve issues and interface professionally with customers.

Director of Sales and Recruitment

Jennifer McKendree

Status: Exempt

Locations: Washington, DC

Supervisor: Chief of Staff

YFU Mission

YFU advances intercultural understanding, life-long learning, global competencies, mutual respect, and social responsibility through transformational educational exchanges for generations of youth, families, and communities, supported by dedicated volunteers and professional staff.

Participants’ experience abroad gives them leadership competencies necessary to meet the challenges and benefit from the opportunities of a fast-changing global community.

 Purpose of the Position: 

The Director of Sales/Recruitment plans, implements, and monitors all of YFU’s host family and outbound student sales and recruitment efforts. The Director is a self-starter with proven experience delivering or exceeding individual, team and organizational goals. The position is responsible for setting the organization’s sales strategy and managing goals for the Community Development Managers that he/she supervises directly, and is a member of the senior management team.

 Core Competencies:

 ·   Communication—Ability to communicate the YFU ‘vision’ to all stakeholders and maintain supportive working relationships in a remote and office work environment in order to motivate the team, the organization and individuals.

·     Strategic Planning and Development—Have the capacity to build strategic alliances within the YFU national and global community as well as externally.

·     Leadership—Get ideas heard and use good judgment to achieve appropriate impact at an executive level. Build credibility based on using expertise in an honest and consistent manner. Thinks before speaking stating his/her perspective confidently, even in the face of challenge by others who hold power or influence.

·     Motivating Others—Discover what motivates his/her team members and other YFU staff and use that knowledge to get the best out of them.

·     Organizing & Task Management—Act as model for colleagues by finding efficient ways of organizing and prioritizing the work.

·     Patience—Embody patience and give people time and space to develop their own ways of doing things. Understand that just because he/she has developed one way, does not mean this will be the best for his/her employee.  Develop a level of tolerance just beyond his/her own normal patience level to give people the chance to develop.

·     Building Effective Teams—Understand that teams must work towards a common goal. Help the teams to achieve joint success as well as their own job satisfaction, which will make them realize that they need each other to really succeed. Praise good work regularly in front of the team and ensure that any constructive feedback is given in private in order to foster a positive team atmosphere.

·      Self-development—Constant personal development and flexibility of behavior. Have a positive outlook about self, YFU, the market, learning, training, growing, and being a part of a senior management team. Be open to a variety of opportunities to learn new things.

 Essential Functions:

·      Develop written goals that are clear, specific, realistic/attainable, measurable, and compelling. Follow written goals, understanding what must be done and why through developed action plans. Predetermine possible obstacles and define solutions.

·      Manage a team of 19 Community Development Managers—set team’s goals and benchmarks for yearlong recruitment success by providing guidance, support, and out of the box thinking.

·      Develop a short and long term sales strategy for the organization including a target compensation package for team members.

·      Build systems and procedures for the recruitment team to follow. Know the best organizers in the team and utilize their strengths to make the team work better.

·      Collaborate in vision and goal setting and translate this vision into action, establishing clear targets and systems to track progress. Create and manage change through applying best practices in change management to create staff buy in and achieve sustained change.

·      Know each recruiter’s goal, what plans are required to reach that goal, and what that recruiter must do each day to achieve goals. Know how to get each recruiter to act.  Motivate using individual “dreams” and goals – not quotas, understanding that each recruiter in different.

·      Don’t accept complacency and recognize when it is time to set new goals.

·      Grow Community Development Managers and allow them to fail, ensuring a lesson is learned from each failure. Build self-esteem of recruiters and provide proper encouragement and challenges, but don’t be afraid to terminate ineffective/untrainable recruiters.

·      Communicate effectively by using clear language and level of detail appropriate to the audience, and always be aware of their effect upon others.

·      Control emotions and don’t be for a loss for words. Don’t panic, become excitable or over analyze.  Know what to say at the appropriate moment and don’t take things personally.

·      Solve problems creatively, using innovative methods and technologies to get things done, use collaborative approaches to increase creativity and innovation, and be willing to try radically different ways of solving a problem even if it has never been done before.

·      Hold recruiters accountable. Don't accept mediocrity to numbers - be it calls, contacts, appointments, or recruitment goals.

·      Develop and execute strategic sales plans and forecasts to achieve organizational revenue targets and objectives for YFU programs

·      Expand YFU’s customer base

·      Develop and manage sales operating budgets, and analyze and control expenditures to conform to budgetary requirements

·      Direct sales forecasting activities and set performance goals

·      Achieve satisfactory profit/loss ratio and market share in relation to industry and economic trends

·      Prepare periodic sales reports showing sales volumes, potential sales, and areas of proposed customer base expansion and present to executive management

·      Establish and maintain relationships with industry influencers and key strategic partners (NGO’s, corporations, schools, YFU network partners, etc.)

·      Coordinate sales efforts between sales department and other sales related units

·      Participates in routine organizational strategic teaming exercises.

·      Performs other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Knowledge:

·      Proven sales experience selling intangible products, consistently meeting or exceeding revenue targets

·      Entrepreneurial spirit and track record, with ability to develop and drive a nascent sales process from plan to close

·      Strong project management (change management) skills.

·      Demonstrated ability to communicate, present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization

·      Bachelor’s degree in sales, marketing or business administration or equivalent number of years of experience

·      Preferred Master’s degree in sales, marketing or business administration

·      Five (5) years of related experience with progressive management experience

·      Excellent written and oral communication skills

·      Working knowledge of social media strategy

·      International and/or intercultural experience preferred, but not required.

·      High energy and results driven

·      Proven ability to articulate the distinct aspects of products and services and position them against competitors

·      Demonstrable experience in developing client-focused, differentiated and achievable solutions

·      Ability to work productively under pressure and to meet both deadlines and revenue targets

·      Demonstrated ability to interact appropriately and successfully with individuals at all levels

·      Computer literacy in Microsoft Office Suite and other word processing, spreadsheets, and database applications, as well as familiarity with customer relationship management systems.

·      Ability to travel


Applicants must be eligible for employment and able to pass a pre-employment background check. If you are qualified and interested in being considered for this position, please submit your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements at the career site.