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The ideal candidate will provide technical guidance to the Chief of Staff relating to changes and developments of YFU’s IT systems and processes. In addition to possessing the technical knowledge to learn the back end of YFU’s IT systems, the IT Operations Manager can clearly and effectively communicate changes, issues, and outcomes to YFU stakeholder staff and customers. The IT Operations Manager has an overall understanding of YFU’s mission and organizational goals and makes decisions and recommendations to align the IT Department to those goals and budget considerations. The position can think strategically, but can also act with a direct hands-on-approach to resolve issues and interface professionally with customers.

Summer Debate Coach

Jennifer McKendree

POSITION: Summer Debate Coach – Washington, DC                                                                                         

YFU CONTACT: Manager of Program Development                                                          

Worker Status: Independent Contractor   


Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) is running a summer Politics and Debate program for high school students. Globally-minded teenagers from around the world will join local American students in Washington, DC to hone their debate skills, broaden their horizons on global issues, and forge lasting friendships. Throughout the two-week program, students will engage in speech and debate classes as well as excursions that deepen their engagement with the topic under debate. During their short time in the US, international students are placed with volunteer host families, who invite the students to be a part of their family for these two weeks. The students make lasting bonds with other students, their teachers, their host families, the volunteers, and the employees and contractors that work with them.

 The program will run for two weeks, from Monday, July 22 to Friday, August 2, 2019.


The Debate Coach will plan and teach debate classes for approximately ten international and American students. The debate format is flexible, and as international students may have varying levels of experience in both English and debate, the Debate Coach should be similarly adaptable. The curriculum should encourage students to think deeply about the chosen theme and prepare students for a final debate exhibiting what they have learned throughout the program.


Create and deliver a meaningful politics and debate learning experience for students through careful planning and adaptability to help them improve speech and debate skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of relevant topics.


  • Serve as debate instructor during contracted term.

  • Plan and compile curriculum of debate lessons based on students’ English and debate experience.

  • Deliver 6 sessions of debate class, each session lasting for 3 hours, including the final debate. Classes will integrate themes from the program activities.

  • Make small assignments between classes if appropriate.

  • Coordinate with YFU Program Manager and local Group Leader for class arrangements.


Six classroom sessions run from 07/22/2019 to 08/02/2019. Classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, unless otherwise noted in work order. Each session is 3 hours in length not inclusive of a break.

Preparation time is at the contractor’s discretion.


Payment will be provided in a lump sum after the conclusion of the program and after all reports are submitted. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

Applicants must be eligible for employment and able to pass a pre-employment background check. If you are qualified and interested in being considered for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter at the career site.

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