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Education Select F-1 Visa Program For High School Students

The YFU Education Select F-1 Visa High School Program offers you the journey of a lifetime, an adventure that allows you to discover the best in yourself, forge lifelong connections, and change the way you see the world.

Education Select F-1 Visa Program For High School Students

Pairing your academic goals with the adventure of a lifetime!

The YFU Education Select F-1 Visa High School Program offers you the journey of a lifetime, an adventure that allows you to discover the best in yourself, change the way you see the world, and chase your academic and professional goals. This program is open to students ages 14-18 who have not graduated from high school in their home country.


With Education Select, students have all of support options available to our traditional exchange students:

  • Application and Immigration support: placement in fully-accredited schools, completion of admissions documents, I-20 delivery and preparation of a support network in the community
  • Housing services: YFU carefully screens all host families and boarding/residence halls to ensure a safe, supportive living environment
  • YFU support personnel: students have monthly contact with a dedicated YFU Representative, and natural families have access to YFU USA’s 24-hour support line
  • Orientations and Travel: students are given a series of orientations to help adjust to American life and culture.  In addition, students can request travel support for itinerary and airport services

YFU Education Select F-1 Visa Programs Students have many unique advantages that one will not find on our traditional programs:

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  • Extensive admissions counseling to help students choose the right school for their goals
  • Students have freedom to select their location based on preferences and price
  • Flexible deadlines, students are guaranteed a placement as late as June 30
  • Students have flexibility to study from one year up to four years and receive a diploma
  • Students can earn college credit through Advanced Placement and dual enrollment programs
With Education Select, you can CUSTOMIZE!

Looking for something unique? Want to live with a relative while you study engineering and play soccer? YFU's Education Select F-1 High School Program can design the perfect experience for you! We work with over 100 schools in cities and towns across the USA, and are always looking for new school partners.  Our network of public, private and boarding schools offer a wide range of programs and activities, including STEM, International Baccalaureate, and specialized programs in Sports and the Arts.  Tell us what you want, and we'll help you find it!

Want to learn more about the different locations Education Select students may choose from? Contact us to find the area and school that is right for you today at

YFU looks for students who are flexible, have a spirit of adventure, and who will enjoy the challenge of adapting to new people in a new culture. You must be between the ages of 15 and 18, meet minimum grade requirements, and be in good health.

Candidates applying to the program must demonstrate pride in their culture and respect for cultural diversity. Applicants take a comprehensive language test to demonstrate English Language skills, submit personal essays, and take part in face-to face interviews to determine motivation and readiness for high school level work. This is an opportunity to mature as you learn how to face the many challenges presented while on exchange. Candidates must be prepared to live by the rules of the host family or boarding school, share about their home culture and actively engage in family, school and community activities.

Tuition and Application

The YFU Education Select F-1 Visa High School Program tuition includes host family or boarding school placement arrangements, program orientation, and on-going support. Please contact us at for more details on school locations and current tuition rates.