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Costa Rica


Study in Costa Rica

Your exchange in Costa Rica will prove to be the adventure of a lifetime!

From the depths of the jungle to the warm Pacific coast, this program will challenge you physically and reward you with the spectacular diversity of Costa Rica. Sleep under the stars and trek to rural homestays where you won’t just interact with Costa Ricans, you’ll live like one.

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Costa Rica offers a breathtaking extravaganza of biodiversity. No wonder that in this small lush country just about the size of West Virginia, a popular phrase is “pura vida” or pure life! Known for its rainforests, it is a haven for researchers and ecotourism. Approximately 25% of the country’s land area lies within protected national parks. Known as the birthplace of ecotourism, the country welcomes more than one-million tourists each year who want to experience one or more of Costa Rica’s 20 national parks, 26 protected areas, nine forest reserves, eight biological reserves or seven wildlife sanctuaries. In an effort to protect, nurture and help fund their extensive environmental services, Costa Rica introduced a tax on hydrocarbons and have also set a goal to become a “carbon neutral” country by 2021.

This exciting excursion is offered in partnership with Outward Bound Costa Rica and makes the most of its rugged terrain and rich biodiversity, as well as an opportunity to use and improve Spanish language skills.

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Age Requirement

Ages 14-19.


English. No previous language study is required.

Host Family Placement

Combination of dorm setting accommodations, base campsites and local homestays.


Program tuition includes all excursions and activities.

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384 - YFU Financial Aid Fund

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Short-term Summer: TBA

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