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Gina Palmisano

Gina Palmisano

Director of Alumni Engagement

Originally a Chicagoland native, Gina Palmisano joined the YFU team in September 2014, returning to the United States after spending over four years internationally.  Her background in International Business and Marketing from the George Washington University served as a launching point for her work in Mongolia, Singapore, and Germany. In her role as the Study Abroad Recruitment Manager at YFU, Gina worked with students interested in learning more about our programs and helped build relationships with schools, youth, and cultural organizations throughout the country. Prior to joining Youth For Understanding, she worked in both the non-profit sector, running a leadership and intercultural exchange organization, and the private sector, with roles in both global and regional sales with the most international company in the world, DHL. Currently, Palmisano is excited to be working on a comprehensive program to serve our more than 50,000 American alumni, host siblings, and international students who now reside in the USA and beyond. 

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