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Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation


The Pre-Arrival Orientation for host families serves to check understanding of the YFU program, its policies, procedures, and support systems, along with clarifying expectations for the hosting experience, enhancing cultural awareness and introducing some tools to help with the transitional process. Though advice-giving is a part of the orientation, the emphasis must be more on providing families with the tools with which to face the unexpected and to work through the difficulties, having sufficient knowledge of adolescent behaviors, typical adjustment patterns, and YFU program resources.  


To ensure that orientation programming is consistent in content and quality across the YFU network, we provide these required sessions. While their use is compulsory, orientation presenters are encouraged to implement their own teaching styles and methods as well as supplement with additional materials.

Please read this Pre-Arrival Orientation Summary for guidance on planning this orientation.

Pre-Arrival Orientation Summary

Individual Sessions

Optional Sessions


Pre-Arrival Power Point for Live Orientations

Please click here to download the power point for use at in person Pre-Arrival orientations with the host parents.