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David G. Barber

Executive Vice President

Dedicated to the pursuit of intercultural understanding, the mission, and as a former YFU exchange student himself, Barber began his involvement with YFU in 1985 when he was awarded a Congress-Bundestag Youth exchange scholarship to study abroad in Germany for his senior year of high school. After that transformative experience, he obtained his bachelor’s degree from the College of William & Mary in International Relations and German. He volunteered during that time for YFU and obtained a full-time position upon graduation in 1990.  Barber has worked consistently with the outbound efforts of YFU in various positions to help enable thousands of American teenagers to have an engaging overseas experience. Barber is responsible for the conception, development and implementation of YFU’s programmatic activities, which includes working with staff to develop guidelines, criteria and procedures for all international exchange programs such as YFU’s inbound high school and community college programs and the outbound study abroad program.  With a focus on developing opportunities to broaden and deepen engagement with young people worldwide, he leads new program development and works to enhance volunteer program initiatives serving as an executive-level voice for YFU’s volunteers.


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