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David Trads


David Trads, a Danish YFU alumnus having lived in Byron Center, Michigan, in 1984-85, is a renowned columnist and political commentator in print, radio and tv. Based in Copenhagen, Trads is an accomplished academic, columnist, journalist, author, businessman and former Board Member and Chairman of YFU Denmark. His books include The Climate Threat: As seen from Denmark and Islam in Flames: The Danes and the Muslim Uproar. He returned to Denmark in 2014 after five years in Washington, DC to serve as an international business consultant and political commentator. He has previously held positions as Executive Vice President and Head of Development of Metro International, the world’s most widely read newspaper; served as Latin America, Moscow and Washington correspondent for the biggest Danish news outlets; Director for Editorial Development at Berlingske Media, Denmark’s largest news corporation, and taught journalism at the Southern University of Denmark. He also served as a Special Consultant on the Middle East for the Danish Foreign Ministry, where he was responsible for connecting Danish youth organizations with the Arab world. 

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