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Eric Biga

Eric Biga, YFU USA National Volunteer Advisory Council Western Region Representative and Vice-Chair, began his journey with YFU in 1991, when he spent a summer abroad in Matsuyama, Japan.  He is a financial services professional for Charles Schwab in Lone Tree, Colorado on their Intelligent Portfolios team. 

Eric Biga

Western Region Representative and NVC Chair

Eric Biga resides in Denver, Colorado. He is an alumni of a YFU summer abroad program.  Eric spent the summer of 1991 in Matsuyama, Japan.  That experience awakened his sense of adventure and taught him the value of respecting cultural and personal differences.  He is passionate about delivering that transformational experience for current and future YFU students and families. 

As a YFU volunteer, Eric has served as an Area Representative, Orientation Coordinator, and Host Family Interviewer.  He has been serving on the National Volunteer Council (NVC) since its inception.  As the chair of the NVC he wants to continue to strengthen the voice of the volunteer force and keep our volunteers engaged as they carry out the YFU mission.

Eric is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner.  He has served in a variety of advice and service roles at Charles Schwab & Co in Lone Tree, Colorado.  Prior to his career in financial planning, Eric was a transportation director in both the public and private sectors.  He also served as an officer in the United States Coast Guard.  He is a graduate of Iowa State University with an MBA from Drake University.  Eric recently received a MS degree in Personal Financial Planning and has the Master Planner Advanced Studies® designation.


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