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641 S St NW Suite 200


James E. Waslawski


James Waslawski has dedicated nearly 20 years to educating young minds. In 2010, he was selected from among 1,300+ principals in New York to serve as a Representative of the New York City Department of Education to the NY State Board of Regents Special Committee on Teacher and Principal Evaluations. Waslawski spent 8 years as the Principal for Captain Manuel Rivera Jr. School in the Bronx and in fall 2013 opened New Directions Secondary School, New York City’s first 6th to 12th grade program designed for over-aged learners seeking a new opportunity to complete high school. Outside of the NYC school system, he has also served as a Community Organizer and as a Peace Corps Teaching Fellow, in Detroit, Michigan, as well as a Peace Corps Volunteer to the Central African Republic. Waslawski holds an MA in Education from the University of Michigan and a BA in Economics from Kalamazoo College.


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