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Janet Mort

Janet Mort

Michigan – Great Lakes Region
Great Lakes Region Representative

Janet Mort teaches English and Special Education at Marion High School in northern Michigan. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts with a German major and business administration minor from Central Michigan University, spending her junior year abroad at the University of Gottingen in Germany. She also has Master's Degrees in Education and Special Education from Calvin College and Grand Valley State University respectively. 

Her history with YFU began during her senior year of high school as a host sister to a student from Brazil. The following year she went on exchange with YFU's 13th Year program in Belgium. After marriage in 1987, she and her husband started hosting and were soon involved as area representatives. After taking a few years off while their children were small, they returned to YFU and have worked as volunteers and hosted students both long and short term. Janet is also involved with National Ski Patrol, HOPE Network, and chairs the local public library board.


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