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Jennifer N. Sigler


Jennifer Sigler is the Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer at the GlobalGiving Foundation, a nonprofit providing charitable support equivalent to that of a $800M-endowed foundation, to partners across 160 countries. Ms. Sigler is responsible for the overall functioning and efficiency of the organization, including oversight of finance, human resources, business intelligence and governance. Previously, Ms. Sigler served as the Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer of a youth entrepreneurship nonprofit, BUILD, helping students from under-resourced communities start their own small businesses and gain acceptance into college. Ms. Sigler's other professional experience includes work in the private sector as a Marketing Analyst/Programer at Time Warner, Inc. and Management Consulting for IBM. She holds an MBA and M.Ed from Stanford and a BS from James Madison University. She is a YFU alumnus and one of 12 people selected nationwide as a 2012 American Express/Independent Sector Next Generation Leadership Fellow.

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