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Karen Covert-Jones

Karen Covert-Jones

New York – Eastern Region
International Student Area Representative

Karen Covert-Jones grew up in the Midwest. In 1975, she did a gap year in a fabulous Flemish family with YFU in Belgium. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 1980, she began volunteering with YFU in Minnesota as an International Student Area Representative. In 1982, she moved to upstate New York and continued volunteering with YFU and later became a Study Abroad Recruiter/Interviewer out of the YFU District Office in Boston. She travelled throughout NY, VT, western MA and CT in the mid 1980s, giving high school classroom presentations as a YFU Presenter. In 2009, her son did his own gap year in Germany as a CBYX student. In 2013, her family hosted their first YFU International Student from Germany and in 2015, they hosted an International Student from Hungary. In August, 2016, her daughter left for Germany to begin her own gap year.

Covert-Jones is excited to be a member of the NVAC. YFU has been a part of her life since 1972 when her older sister began a YFU gap year. She enjoys promoting international exchange as a life changing experience for all involved. YFU did and continues to touch her life in many positive ways. She enjoys watching students grow and mature throughout their year and seeing the strong bonds they develop with their host family and school community. Participating in NVAC is a great way for her to help make a difference in the lives of International and Study Abroad students, host families and volunteers.


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