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Mid-Year Orientation

The Mid-Year Orientation is designed to provide additional support to students and host families at the midpoint of their exchange experience. The Mid-year orientation takes place when students and host families have been living together for about five months. It gives everyone an opportunity to examine their experience thus far, to identify their concerns, and to set realistic goals for the time remaining. The mid-year orientation gives students and host families an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings as well as to seek advice from YFU volunteers and other students.

Mid-year orientations are required for students and strongly encouraged for host parents. Mid-Year LOOP.


Required Student Sessions (4 hr + lunch & 2-10 min breaks)

To ensure that orientation programming is consistent in content and quality across the YFU network, we provide these requisite sessions. While their use is compulsory, orientation presenters are encouraged to implement their own teaching styles and methods.

Midyear Summary & Guidance from E & T - please click link and read!

ENERGIZERS- This is a helpful handout with 5 - 10 minute songs/energizers with hand and body movements, to use during breaks on orientation day. Thank you to former students from around the world for sharing your favorite energizers!

Click here for a link to more energizers!

Parent Sessions (2hr & 20 min)

If you have more than 4 hours for your Mid-Year orientation, these supplemental sessions are available to enhance the program.

ORIENTATION FACILITATORS: Please take a few moments to share your sign in sheets, orientation reporting form and agenda with E & T as soon as possible after each orientation so we may accurately track attendance.Scan and email all documents to

Join E & T on our Mid Year Collaboration Calls for staff and volunteers:  Click here!


Administrative forms

BACKUP and webinar information

One-on-One Orientation

If a student cannot attend their in-person Mid-year orientation, please have their Area Rep or a volunteer arrange a time to share the materials. Be sure to submit a sign in sheet or Individual Orientation Reporting Form found under the Paperwork heading above immediately following the meeting for auditing purposes. 

Webinar Orientation

Midyear orientations are required for students. The link to webinar orientations will be available here in late January.