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My YFU Family is The Best because

Jennifer McKendree

YFU USA wants to know why your host family or international son or daughter is “The Best!”  

This opportunity is open to both students and families that have either hosted or traveled as an exchange student through YFU.  We want to hear what makes your family the “Best YFU Family” and recognize those families or students that have had a positive impact by sharing your stories with the world.    What better way to say “Thank You” to your host family or international son/daughter than by telling the world just what makes them The Best?

Some ideas to consider when telling us why your family (or student) is The Best:
•    How you have grown as a family since arrival in the fall? 
•    What special moments will you think about once the exchange is over? 
•    Overall, how has your family or international son/daughter impacted your life?  
•    Tell us about special events, holiday or traditions that were new to you or your family! 

No entry is too short or too long.  Please take a moment to recognize why your YFU family is The Best and write about them!

Say “Thank you” to your YFU Family or international son/daughter and share your story now. 

Get more information and enter your family story and photo here .

Want to read some of the stories already submitted? Check them out on the YFU USA blog.