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News - Youth For Understanding USA

Latest news about Youth for Understanding USA student exchange programs worldwide – Events – Partnerships.


Jennifer McKendree

YFU honored Farmington Public Schools with its 2018 Partnership Award. The award is given to an organization or corporation that has demonstrated a longstanding partnership with YFU and a strong commitment to provide young people with global intercultural exchange experiences.

The YFU-Farmington Public Schools partnership dates back to at least 1968 when the school system enrolled international exchange students to spend a year of high school studies in the United States. Over the years, leadership at Farmington Public Schools has supported the mission of YFU through enrollment of international students and support of their own students to study abroad in another country.

“Farmington Public Schools has been proud to partner with Youth For Understanding USA for more than 50 years.  This partnership has strengthened our students’ global education both because of the exchange students we receive and also because of the outbound exchange opportunities offered to many Farmington students.  We are honored to be recognized for the warm welcome FPS offers the world.”
George C. Heitsch, Ed.D., Superintendent, Farmington Public Schools

 YFU initially announced the award at its recent 2018 Volunteer Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. The award was formally presented to the Farmington Public School Board by Bill Malloy, YFU Chief of Staff and Barb Kilkka, Community Engagement Director, and 7 current and former YFU students on November 13.

“As nominated by Barb Kilkka, YFU local staff representative for the Oakland County, MI area, it is abundantly clear that Farmington Public Schools is strongly committed to providing young people with global intercultural exchange experiences by opening its doors to YFU's students and volunteers for over 50 years. We are thrilled to have Farmington Public Schools as an important part of our YFU community!”
Scott J. Messing, YFU President and CEO