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Pre-Departure Orientation: Facilitator Resources

The pre-departure orientation for American students is an essential part of their preparation.

The pre-departure orientation for American students is an essential part of their preparation. It focuses on developing enthusiasm for the homestay experience, an understanding of culture, adaptation techniques, and how to communicate and learn. YFU thanks you for actively supporting a consistent YFU experience through the use of materials available on this page.


To ensure that orientation programming is consistent in content and quality across the YFU network, we provide these requisite sessions. While their use is compulsory, orientation presenters are encouraged to implement their own teaching styles and methods as well as supplement with additional materials.

[2019 Pre Departure Parent Session Power Point with Notes]

[International Student PDO power point]


If you have more than 5½ hours for your orientation, these supplemental sessions are available to enhance the program.


Individual Orientation

If you conduct a 1-on-1 orientation, please submit this Individual Orientation Reporting Form to Education & Training. The forms may be submitted individually if the training is completed over the phone; one completed and signed from the student and one completed and signed from the volunteer sharing the orientation information. The forms will be joined together once they reach Education & Training. Three options for submitting the form are listed at the bottom of the form.