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With an array of protected natural parks and architecture dating back over 2,000 years, Moldova is Europe's hidden gem.


Study in Moldova

With an array of protected natural parks and architecture dating back over 2,000 years, Moldova is Europe's hidden gem. If you're looking for a road less traveled and to come home with a totally unique exchange experience, this is the place for you. Only about 10 American each year study abroad in Moldova - and you could be one of them!

+ More About Moldova

Do you want to climb mountains, hike through forests, or even just relax by the beach? Although many people haven’t heard of this very small country, Moldova is a place not to be missed! The capital of Moldova is Chi?in?u, which is home to many popular tourist attractions. There is always something new to do in Moldova, and it’s a great place to explore new interests. Filled with new cultural experiences waiting for you to try, Moldova is a great place to study abroad!

While in Moldova, be sure to visit the Dendrarium Park. This a beautiful place for a walk or even a picnic with your host family! It is filled with an assortment of trees, flowers, and plants, making it a hotspot for nature lovers. Chi?in?u is home to most of the tourist attractions. One of these popular attractions is Stefan cel Mare Park, which is the oldest park in Moldova. It is filled with 50 different species of trees, and flowers! There are also some museums in the area, including the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History and the National Museum of Fine Arts. If nature and art interest you, then Moldova is a perfect country for you to study abroad in!

While studying abroad in Moldova, you will be spending most of your time in a traditional school, also called a Lyceum. These are similar to regular high schools in the United States, but being around Moldovan students will be a new experience in its own! In Moldova, the main languages spoken are Romanian and Russian. In and out of school, kids participate in many things, including popular sports like Basketball, Cycling, Football, Rugby and Wrestling! Sports aren’t your thing? Schools also offer programs like art, theater, and singing! The classmates you meet in school may become some of your best friends for life!

Moldovan cuisine incorporates many different flavors and ingredients. This is because so many different people had once lived in Moldova, making it a melting pot of cultures. Moldova is considered to be a country of grapes, dairy, grains, fruits and plenty of vegetables, sheep and poultry. A popular snack that is eaten in Moldova is Brynza, which is a type of goat cheese. This delicious cheese is incorporated into other Moldovan dishes, but is also eaten plain as an appetizer. Another popular Moldovan dish is "mamaliga,” also called Polenta. This yummy food is a staple for Moldovans and Romanians. It is described as a porridge made out of corn flour and can be filled with anything including cheese, meat or vegetables. Mamaliga is one of the most famous dishes of Moldova, so be sure to try it when you are there! Be sure to ask your host family to show you how to make your favorite dishes so that when you come back home, you can make your favorite Moldovan dishes for friends and family!

Come experience for yourself the beauty and adventure of Moldova! Although it may only be a little bigger than the state of Maryland, Moldova holds so much culture waiting to be experienced!

Online Resources

To learn even more about Moldova, we recommend:

  • Visit your local library to find reference books, travel guides and essays, Russian and Romanian language dictionaries, and many more country resources
  • Use an internet search engine to find informative web sites
  • Official Republic of Modolva website

+ Scholarships Available

Scholarships for 2020 programs have not yet been confirmed. Applications for 2020 Summer/Fall scholarships will open in the Fall of 2019. The YFU Financial Aid Fund can be applied to any program and will remain available for 2020 Spring programs until September 15. The YFU Legacy Grant can be applied to any program at any time of application. For more details on the Financial Aid Fund, Legacy Grant, and previous merit-based scholarships please visit our scholarships page.

Learn more about scholarship details and deadlines.

+ Programs & Tuition

Fall Year: $14,995

Applications for tuition based programs must be submitted by October 1 for winter/spring departure programs and March 15 for summer and fall. Applications submitted after this date will be considered on a case by case basis depending upon availability.

+ Additional Information

Visa Information

Information regarding visas and other immigration processes will be provided upon enrollment.

Additional Costs

Program tuition does not include personal spending money or school-related costs such as books and school trips.

Choose Your Program

+ Academic Year Programs

As a YFU student in Moldova, you will live with a carefully selected Russian- or Romanian-speaking host family and attend a local high school. Part of your experience will be:


While attending a local high school, you will stay with a local host family and participate fully in the academic and cultural life of the school. There are a vast variety of high schools in Moldova, including Lyceums, which are geared toward students who plan to attend university, and vocational schools, which offer students the chance to hone in on a particular career-oriented skill set. YFU students are typically placed in lyceums. It is very likely that during your stay you will be able to explore new areas of knowledge, specializing in one field depending on your interests, your future host parents' recommendations, and possibilities offered by the local schools.


All students applying for the semester or year program must be available for a mandatory 3-day National Pre-Departure Orientation, which usually takes place in mid-July. This orientation is a required part of the program aimed at preparing students for their experience overseas. All students will participate in a one-day local pre-departure orientation in May or June. All orientation costs are included in program tuition.


YFU students are encouraged to join sports, clubs, or teams in their local schools or communities in order to get involved and make new Moldovan friends!

Age Requirement

  • 2020 Fall Departure: Students born April 1, 2002 - September 3, 2005.
  • Students who do not meet this age requirement or will graduate from high school are likely to be considered for this program.


Russian and Romanian.

Fall Year Late August Ealy July $14,995

Tuition Includes

  • Placement with a host family
  • Enrollment in a Moldovan high school
  • Airport transfers
  • Domestic and international travel
  • All pre-departure and post-arrival orientations
  • Pre-program support by trained YFU staff
  • Support from a YFU Moldova Area Representative while on program
  • Comprehensive insurance

Host Family Placement

Students are typically placed in the Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova.