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Volunteer Lounge

Volunteer Lounge

New Field Maps Released!

See a visual of the YFU Region and Fields as well as Community Development Manager and Community Engagement Manager Information. 

Updated: May 2019



Request for Edit, update, correction form Now Available 

Did you find an error in a YFU document, on our webpage, or in one of our training resources?

Would you like to point out an update or correction that's needed?    

 As one of the initiatives of the National Volunteer Council--a new request for edit, update, or correction form has been created. 

Frequently Used Volunteer Resources
Volunteer Resources
International Student Resources
Host Family Resources

Screening and Placement Forms

It is strongly preferred that data be entered directly into the Host Family Interface.  Please use these documents only when absolutely necessary. Effective immediately (Updated 2016) YFU has returned to a single document for annual vetting. No longer will you need to try to determine if families need one or two forms to be fully vetted. Both documents have been combined.

Training Materials

Documents for Special Placement Considerations

Double Student Placements

Single Adult Host Placements

Other Placement Considerations

Students for Placement

Facebook Cover Photos Featuring yfu Now Available!

Spread the word about YFU on your personal Facebook by uploading one of our newly designed banners to your cover photo! Help show your support virtually. A selection of banners are available. Click on the below banners to check them out!

Volunteer Banner Option 1

Volunteer Banner Option 2

Hosting Banner Option 1

Hosting Banner Option 2

Study Abroad Banner Option 1

Study Abroad Banner Option 2

To learn more about YFU's recent organizational update watch our previously live Volunteer Town Hall

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