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Volunteer Lounge

To learn more about YFU's new programs watch our previously live Volunteer Town Hall

Monthly Contact Report Self-Paced Training Course for All Area Representatives

Click on each module (beginning with module one) to take a self-paced course on how to complete and submit the new Monthly Contact Report (MCR). This training consist of three modules and you can take them at one sitting (less than 40 minutes), or take the course over a few days working through one module at a time. At the end of module three, there is a link to complete a google form so YFU can track your attendance. Please complete this requirement as soon as possible.

Screening and Placement Forms

It is strongly preferred that data be entered directly into the Host Family Interface.  Please use these documents only when absolutely necessary.

Training Materials

Documents for Special Placement Considerations

Double Student Placements

Single Adult Host Placements

Other Placement Considerations