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YFU Awards

YFU Awards

Each year, individuals and institutions who deserve special recognition for their service in support of YFU’s mission are selected to receive an award. 2019 Award Nominations will be accepted through August 15, 2019.

*YFU staff members and active members of the Board of Trustees are not eligible for awards

Distinguished Alumni

Award is given to a YFU alum who has made significant contributions to society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations, and careers have honored the legacy and mission of YFU.

Past Recipients: 2018 - Flynn Coleman, 2017 - Andrew Towne, 2016 – Jeanne Pierce and Laurie Sutch

Distinguished Volunteer Award

Award is given to a volunteer who has demonstrated commitment to the field of intercultural education and exchange, and whose selfless and dedicated service to YFU has made a significant difference in the lives of many host families and exchange students, and to YFU as an organization.

Past Recipients: 2018 - Gordon Snow, 2017 - Karen Covert-Jones, 2016 – Donna Schnaars

Distinguished Host Family

Award is given to a host family that has demonstrated commitment to the field of intercultural education and exchange, and that has opened their hearts and homes to many YFU students over the course of many years.

Past Recipients: 2018 - Ted Rothstein, 2017 - James and Linda Wiseman, 2016 – Lynnell and John Pemble, Jim and Joanne Miller, Sharon and Don Strasser

Distinguished Donor

Award is given to an individual or family that has demonstrated strong financial support of YFU programs, helping to advance and foster cultural understanding and international friendships.

Past Recipients: 2018 - Kristan McMahon, 2017 - Larry and Katherine Eldridge, 2016 – Brian Bucks

Distinguished High School

 Award is given to a High School that embraces the value of study abroad among its students and staff by regularly opening its doors and welcoming international exchange students.

Past Recipients: 2018 - Corry Area High School (Corry, PA), 2017 - School Without Walls (Washington, DC), 2016 – Marcellus High School (Marcellus, MI) and Ross Beatty High School (Cassopolis, MI)

Education Innovation

 Award is given to an educator who has made significant contributions to the field of education through their service and commitment to the value and importance of cultural exchange and experience of students.

Past Recipients: 2017 - Jason Schrock, Principal at Howell High School, 2016 – Sally Schwartz, Founder and Executive Director of Globalize DC

Partnership Award

Award is given to an organization or corporation that has demonstrated a longstanding partnership with YFU and a strong commitment to provide young people with global intercultural exchange experiences.

Past Recipients: 2018 - Farmington Public Schools (Farmington, MI), 2017 - C. R. Bard, 2016 – Kikkoman and Sony

Lifetime Achievement Award

Award is given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of intercultural education and youth exchange over a sustained period of time.

Past Recipients: 2018 - Sylvia M. Burwell, 2017 - Jana Martin Kemp, 2016 – Ron Lehker