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When your students study abroad, they gain a better understanding of why people act and think the way they do


Education happens inside and outside of the classroom. When your students study abroad, they gain a better understanding of why people act and think the way they do. When an exchange student is welcomed into your classroom, your students learn about a whole new culture, in a whole new way. They learn that there’s more to the story than what they watch on the news and read in their books. Help your students make the world their home and introduce them to global opportunities.

Today's high school students need a global education to compete in our increasingly multicultural, interconnected and fast-changing society.

Global exchange experience will dramatically improve your students’ success in multiple fields including social studies, healthcare, business, law, engineering and foreign languages. YFU is an intercultural exchange program that offers high school students the opportunity to explore another country and culture while mastering a new language. Through YFU, young people acquire a passion for life-long learning, as well as the skills and knowledge to thrive and contribute to cultural diversity. International students studying at your school bring other cultures directly into your classroom and community. They help you and those around you learn about other people, places and perspectives. When you welcome a YFU exchange student into your school, your students will gain an international perspective that could never be found in a textbook.

Get your students and school involved with YFU:

Youth For Understanding USA is proud to consistently receive CSIET Full Listing in J-1 Inbound Long-term and Outbound programs. This achievement reflects YFU’s global commitment to quality and consistent application of CSIET standards throughout the international YFU network.

What students get out of a global exchange is unique to them. They may:

  • Discover and develop personal strengths

  • Gain a new global perspective

  • Increase proficiency in another language

  • Meet remarkable people and build lifelong friendships

  • Learn how to interact with people from different backgrounds

  • Qualify for preferred college admissions

  • Enhance global career opportunities

Global exchange also impacts the school and community. It can:

  • Bring global perspectives to the classroom and community

  • Provide an authentic experience to International Days and school events

  • Contribute to student body diversity

  • Break down stereotypes and generate interest in other cultures and customs