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Great Leadership for Impactful Exchange Programs

YFU USA's board of trustees provide strategic and governance oversight for the organisation. 

Board of Trustees

YFU USA's Board of Trustees provide strategic and governance oversight for the organization. Comprised of leaders in business, education, international relations, non-profit management, marketing/communications, and law, and culled from the rich tapestry of volunteers that serve YFU programs, the Board's work is conducted through regular meetings of the whole and through deep engagement on the Executive, Finance & Audit, Governance, and External Affairs Committees. For more information on the Board of Trustees, please contact Maggie Lohmann, Executive Coordinator, at

National Volunteer Council

YFU USA’s Board of Trustees, in recognizing the need for a strong volunteer voice, established the National Volunteer Council (NVC) which represents YFU USA’s volunteer body within the organization and consists of volunteer leaders with various experience levels and perspectives, reflecting the diversity of YFU communities. The NVC represents volunteer needs, views, and recommendations to YFU management and acts from a national perspective to provide counsel for the good of the organization. For more information on the NVC, please contact Maggie Blom, Senior Manager of Volunteer Programs and Recruitment, at

Senior Staff