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Insurance Requirements for Exchange Students to US

All international exchange program students are required to carry insurance for their duration of stay.

All YFU students coming to the U.S. are required to carry insurance for the duration of their stay. The majority of students are insured through Dr. Walter. Some students are insured through their YFU National Office’s preferred plan, or through scholarship-specific insurance. Please see below to determine which plan applies to your situation.  For ID Card reprints with insurance information, contact your Engagement Manager (EM).

2019-20 Dr. Walter Illness and Injury Insurance & Liability Insurance Plan for most YFU students in the U.S.


Search for an Urgent Care or Walk-in clinic at: (Select plan "Passport to Healthcare Primary PPO Network") or call 1-833-386-9240.

ASPE Plan for Congress-Bundestag (CBYX), future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) & Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Students

YFU CBYX, FLEX, and YES students are enrolled in the ASPE insurance plan provided by the U.S. Department of State. The plan is administered by Seven Corners. CBYX students receive ID cards and plan materials from YFU Germany prior to departure for the USA. FLEX and YES students receive ID cards and plan materials in a mailing from YFU USA shortly after arrival.

YFU Partner Insurance Plans

Students from the countries listed below are insured under separate plans provided by the students' YFU National Offices. These offices provide insurance materials to the students prior to departure for the USA. ID Card Reprints: Contact your Support Services Manager (SSM) for a reprint.

Australia and New Zealand

Belgium -Dutch

Belgium - French



American Study Abroad insurance 2018-19

Study Abroad Students/ Group # PWG-100007 / YFU IES 

Study Abroad Students (Germany Only)/ Group # G 96.002.974