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YFU Referral Program


YFU Rewards You!

Want to earn a little extra cash this summer while having a positive impact on your community?  Refer an awesome family or individual you know to host with YFU!

It's simple to become a part of the YFU Referral Program:

  1. Refer a family or individual who might be interested in hosting an international student to YFU through the form on this page.  Referred families may not have hosted with YFU within the last two years.

  2. If the family or individual you referred hosts, you will receive a $150 reward from YFU!

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Name of Potential Host Family
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I have read, understand, and agree with the terms for the YFU Referral Program located under the "How does YFU qualify my host family lead" section of this page. *

The YFU Referral Program 

Q. What is the YFU Referral Program?

A. The YFU Referral Program is our way to give back in appreciation to those who directly help grow local YFU communities.  YFU families, volunteers, educators, alumni, and all individuals who support YFU and our mission are eligible for the reward. 

Q. How does the YFU Referral Program work?

A. Refer YFU Host Family leads via the form on this page. Let YFU know who you think would make a great YFU Host Family.  If the family you referred hosts a year or semester student with us, you will receive a $150 reward from YFU. 

Please Note:  To qualify, referred families must host a year or semester student.  Those families who have hosted with YFU within the last two years will not count towards the reward.

Q. Who is eligible for the YFU Referral Program?

A. Everyone is welcome to participate.  However, YFU employees and their immediate family members are ineligible to receive awards for this program.

Q. Why does YFU request my personal information?

A. Personal information will only be used to issue the awards.  Checks will be made out and mailed directly to the individual listed as the referrer on the form.

Q. How does YFU qualify my host family lead for a referral reward?

A. Each YFU host family lead you refer who becomes a vetted host family for a year or semester student earns a $150 reward.  YFU will confirm and distribute awards for qualified  referrals in October.  You must enter your eligible referrals directly on the form listed on this page prior to the host family starting their on-line YFU hosting  application.  Staff members may not enter referrals on your behalf.  

Due to J1 Visa regulations, YFU cannot issue awards for placements made within the same household as the referrer.  To be considered for award, the New-to-YFU host family and referrer must have different legal addresses.

Awards totaling more than $600 will require IRS form 1099 information from the referrer prior to issuance of the check.