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Specialty Programs

YFU offers opportunity for high school students to combine a traditional homestay exchange experience with a variety of Specialty Programs for the most exciting year of your life!

Immerse yourself in language classes, explore your creativity in the arts or music, or pursue your interests in sports as you discover another culture! YFU offers high school students and recent graduates the opportunity to combine a traditional homestay exchange experience with a variety of unique programs for the most exciting year of your life!


Focus on pencil drawing and watercolors or try your hand at pottery, metalwork, or artistic woodcarving. Study architectural art or fashion design. Even perfect a specialty like textiles or leatherwork with YFU’s visual and media arts offerings in these countries:

Belgium | Estonia | Italy | Latvia | Sweden

Train among the finest schools in Europe and South America with lessons in piano, organ, voice and a variety of instruments. Join the school orchestra, choir, or perform with your theater company while learning music theory, solfeggio, or conducting in these countries:

Belgium | Chile | Czech Republic | Denmark | Ecuador | Estonia | Hungary | Italy | Latvia | Sweden

Immerse yourself in the traditions of ballet or ballroom while studying in one of YFU’s specialty dance programs.  Students can expect a rigorous curriculum in the rhythm and techniques of dance alongside their traditional studies.  New to dancing? Beginner programs are offered as well! Just check the country pages below for more information:

Belgium | Czech Republic | Latvia | Italy


Bilingual School
See your host country in two languages and refine your skills through one of YFU’s exciting bilingual programs abroad. Study at the C.S. Lewis School in beautiful Bratislava, challenge yourself in Italian and French while studying humanities at a bilingual school in Italy, or focus on your Spanish studies at a Spanish/English intensive program in vibrant Mexico. See below for our list of bilingual school offerings:

 Canada | Czech Republic | Italy | Mexico | Slovakia

Language Intensive Programs
Expand on the opportunities offered by a traditional immersive homestay experience and hone your language abilities with a YFU language program. Go in-depth into your host country’s language and culture with intensive courses designed to improve your language ability and get you communicating with your host family, friends, and local community even faster.  Depending on the program, language courses may be optional or included, and can offer a variety of course options from beginner to advanced levels.  Some language programs last only a few weeks before the school year begins and others are offered throughout the exchange experience.  Check details in each of the destinations below:  

Austria | China | Czech Republic | France | Germany | Italy | Lithuania | Romania | Switzerland | Uruguay  


Combine general subjects with coursework in sports while studying in abroad! Study physiology, anatomy, sports theory and fitness while you practice swimming, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, handball, tennis, dance, badminton or volleyball. Interested in experiencing sports abroad as a spectator? Check out Lithuania’s basketball sports fan program for a chance to see your local teams play!

Belgium | Hungary | Lithuania | Serbia

Learn about the environment and nature along-side traditional academics in YFU’s Nature Programs. You will take numerous trips throughout while on program to explore and learn about environmental issues facing the region. These programs are perfect for adventurous nature lovers and may include trips to national parks, camping, skiing, ice-fishing, canoeing, and bird watching.

Bulgaria | Estonia 


Looking to add a unique, one-of-a-kind experience to your time abroad? Learn new skills, engage your interests, and gain a new perspective on your host country with YFU’s additional specialty programs. Challenge yourself in advanced courses at an International Baccalaureate school in Italy, or give back to your host community with volunteer opportunities in India. Click on the links below for more information on these countries’ specialty offerings.

Belgium (Tourism) | Czech Republic (Vocational) | Hungary (Catering) | Italy (IB) | India (Volunteer)


Interested in a traditional academic or short term program abroad?

See YFU’s Academic Programs page or Summer Programs page for more offerings.