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Founder's Month Art Contest

Jennifer McKendree

Are you an artiste? Would you like to see your masterpiece featured on the YFU USA website and in other promotional materials? Go ahead – share your YFU story/vision with the YFU community! Submit your original work of art (either in print or digitally) to YFU USA during the Founder’s Month of April. Prizes include having your work featured in YFU USA promotional materials, hooded YFU sweatshirts, and YFU gear. See complete contest details below. 


YFU USA, in celebration of the 60th Anniversary, seeks the submission of original artwork capturing the essence of international exchange. Submissions will be judged on the quality of the work along with an accompanying description. All entries must be received (or postmarked) by April 30, 2011.  June 1, 2011. Winners will be announced by June 15, 2011.

The Prizes

All finalists will have their pieces showcased on the YFU USA website. In addition, the YFU USA judge’s panel will award first, second, and third place prizes as described below.

1st Prize:  The winning piece will be featured on a YFU postcard to be shared with the thousands of YFU constituents across the country. The piece will also be featured on the cover of the 2010 YFU USA Electronic Annual Report. In addition, the first place winner will receive a YFU hooded sweatshirt, a YFU travel mug, and a YFU Messenger bag.   

2nd Prize: The second place winner will receive a YFU hooded sweatshirt, a YFU travel mug, and a YFU photo frame.   

3rd Prize: The third place recipient will receive a YFU hooded sweatshirt and a YFU travel mug.
*All prizes are subject to change, based on availability.

The Rules

-    All work must be the artist’s original work. Computer-generated artwork will be accepted; however, photographs will not be accepted. 
-    Artwork must highlight and/or feature the international exchange experience.
-    Pieces may be either mailed directly to the YFU USA National Office (YFU USA Art Contest, 6400 Goldsboro Rd. Suite 100, Bethesda, MD 20817) or may be emailed in .jpg, .gif, .png, or .tif format with a minimum 300 DPI resolution to
-    Up to three (3) entries will be accepted per person; however, only one (1) prize will be awarded per person.  
-    Odds of winning will be determined by the number of qualified entries. 
-    Pieces will not be returned.
-    Copyrighted submissions are not eligible. 
-    Submissions will only be accepted if accompanied by the YFU Media Release Form (see below). 
-    Employees of YFU USA, Inc. are not eligible.
-    All pieces become the property of YFU USA, Inc. and may be used in promotional literature, printed or electronic, and for any other purpose at YFU USA, Inc.’s sole discretion. 
-    Submissions may be cropped, enlarge, or otherwise altered as needed. 
-    All entries may be utilized as promotional material prior to and following the contest deadline. 
-    All entries must be received or postmarked by April 30, 2011. June 1, 2011.
-    All artists must be affiliated with YFU as either students, alumni, volunteers, or host families. 
-    Winners will be announced by June 15, 2011. Works will be judged on originality, overall aesthetics, creativity, and how well it encapsulates YFU.

How to Enter

There are four simple steps to enter your artwork into the Founder’s Month Art Contest.
To enter electronically:
Step 1: Copy, paste, and complete the Official Entry Form (see below) into an email.
Step 2: Copy, paste, and complete the YFU Individual Media Release Form (see below) into the email. *Please Note: If you are sending the Release Form by email, it must come from your own email address (the one you have listed on the Entry Form). If you are under 18, the parent section of the Release Form must come from your parents’ email address.
Step 3: Attach your piece. YFU’s email server limits the size of attachments, if needed send separately or use If you use please send an additional email to follow-up.
Step 4: Send your email with attachments to All entries will receive confirmation of receipt.

To enter your print:
Step 1: Print and complete the Official Entry Form.
Step 2: Print and complete the YFU Individual Media Release Form.
Step 3: Art Contest - Write your name, address, phone number, and email address on the back of the piece.
Step 4: Enclose your Entry Form, Release Form, and artwork in a secure package and mail to:

YFU USA Art Contest
Neil Routman
6400 Goldsboro Road
Bethesda, MD 20817

YFU USA is not responsible for items lost or damaged during the mail/shipping process. You will receive confirmation of your submission. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact

Official Entry Form (All fields are mandatory)

Artist’s First Name:
Artist’s Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Affiliation with YFU: 
Title of work:
Description: (In approximately 50-100 words please describe your piece. We may utilize your written words as quotes on our website.)

Individual Media Release

Now, on this _____________day of ___________________ 20____, I, the undersigned, grant Youth For Understanding USA, Inc. (YFU) and its authorized agents the irrevocable right to use my name, photographs, videos, written statements and similar materials involving me for informational, publicity, or promotional purposes without prior notification.  I understand that these materials may appear in printed materials published by YFU.  I agree to hold YFU harmless from all claims related to YFU’s or its agents’ use of these materials for these purposes.   I also agree that YFU is under no obligation to me or any other party to use this material.  By my signature below, I represent that I have read and fully understand this “Individual Release” form and that either (A) I am at least eighteen years of age, or (B) my legal guardian has signed on my behalf below.

________________________________________         _____________________
(Signature)                                                               (Date)
(Printed Name)                                                      

(Email/Phone number)

Parent or Guardian Consent (if applicable):

I, the undersigned, now certify on this day_________ of ___________, 20____, that I am the parent or legal guardian of the minor named above, and I have the legal authority to execute the above Individual Release form.  I approve the forgoing and waive any rights to the materials described.

________________________________________         _____________________
(Signature)                                                               (Date)
(Printed Name)                                                      

(Email/Phone number)

The Individual Media Release may be sent via the contestant's email account and does not require a written signature. If a parent or guardian's signature is required they must send the release via email separately from their own email account.